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  • I am going to teach my friend some watercolor starting tomorrow morning. Just for fun but I'm a little nervous. She might not have a lot of drawing skills but would like to learn. I'm trying to think of some really fun assignments that teach the techniques, etc. but aren't too dependent on drawing. Tomorrow we will just play around with paints and brushes and papers and try washes and blooms, etc. I thought maybe we could make some big shapes to fill in using strips of masking tape but it doesn't seem all that interesting. I should have done more homework on teaching probably. Does anyone have any good projects or sites that have great ideas that I could look at ? I sent her a quizler for watercolor vocab to play around with so she can start thinking and learning that but, I just want it to be enjoyable.....Thanks. I'll keep looking 🙂

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen
    I don't know much about watercolor, but to make it more fun & interesting, why don't you go with your idea of masking shapes or stripes, and use them to make greeting cards? You could use that as a background and then either use pens / ink to write on top of it, or cut another layer to glue on top for some text or other shapes. Valentine's Day is coming up so you could do some cute cards for that, or just regular notecards, birthday, etc.

    It's great that you're sharing your talents with your friend. I hope the two of you have fun!

  • @miriam Great ideas, Miriam. I also like that they are useful. Thanks!

  • There are lots of Youtube videos on watercolors for beginners. That is where I learned things like the wet on wet or wet on dry technique. Its fun to do basic things like fruit or leaves - but showing how you use those techniques...wet the background and apply color on top of the water and watch it spread out leaving the dry areas alone. Then let it dry and then go into your object and paint it wet on dry, etc...

  • @pamela-fraley Yes, that was what we did today. We made valentines like @Miriam suggested. Sh eloved the idea. She made a bunch of hearts out of her experimental painting techniques and then glued them on a card. She made an extra card and hearts to give her husband so he can make her one 🙂 It was a fun day. I actually got soem work done on my project too while she was working on hers so, it was productive for me too 🙂 Thanks for your response. I mentioned to her that she could go on youtube between our meetings and watch other people who might know mr than I do and also look at different styles. We'll talk about color next time so I will be reviewing that. It will be good for me too!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen
    I'm glad you guys had fun together! I love it when things are both beautiful and useful, too.

    Your friend's plan to give him pieces to put together himself is a great idea--and kind of symbolic of how they work together to create their relationship.

    That's wonderful that you could help your friend and spend time together while you get work done, too! 🙂

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