After watching the Creative Design class...

  • I starting to do the silhouettes and I absolutely love the idea, I was even sitting at work today waiting to go home so I could finish my first building design. I plan to ultimately do about 25 buildings and create a whole city overlook piece. But here is my first concept pieces.


    One thing I also want to do afterwards is come up with outside objects for the town, and draw a bunch of little things that can fill empty space in the streets or other open areas that will present themselves when I get closer to my final project.

  • Really liking the concept right above the colored one at the bottom. The messing around with scale feels refreshing! Good luck with the remaining buildings

  • @gdbee Thanks! It's really a lot of fun doing this and I've always admired concept art. I'll definitely be posting the rest of the buildings in this thread as I work on them, and hopefully be able to see some improvement towards the end.

  • I like the straight-on gray concept images & the Alchemy sign, better than the 3/4 view. Not sure why, though. I just like the other ones!

    This looks like a very interesting little fairytale village that would be full of industrious characters!

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