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    Hi, everyone! Lately, I've been toying with the idea of writing my own children's book. Because of that, I would like to ask, you guys, if you know any good critique groups for children's books? Also, I've also been considering putting my book on this forum. Will it be cool with you guys? Thank you so much.

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    Sorry, I don't have any info on writing groups. I would try searching on Google. You could also check with your local library to see if they have any programs or contacts. Another idea is to look for websites that discuss writing and see if they have any links or ideas of how to get in contact with critique groups.

    I've seen other threads here on the forms where they posted a link to their story. It's been fun to read them, and share any ideas I can think of to help. If you decide to post it, I'd be happy to read yours!

    Good luck with your story & with your search for a group!

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    CritiqueCircle is an online writing critique community with several sections (including Children’s books) - it’s very large and varied and I quite like it.
    Inked Voices is similar but with much smaller groups and a yearly fee of about 70 USD (which includes a bunch of webinars). I have a mixed experiences there, but it may be me.
    A few of us in SVS have created a small FB writing critique group that works well. I can ask the others if they’re open to a new member, if you’re interested.

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    @smceccarelli Wow! yes, please. I would love to join your FB group. That would be very helpful. I will also check CritiqueCircle. More eyes the better I'd say. Thank you for the info!

  • I found my writing critique group via the SCBWI BlueBoards - you have to be a member to access the online critique board and the critique group board where you can search for others looking for critique groups. I highly recommend joining SCBWI even if just for one year. It's been extremely helpful moving my writing/illustration career forward. Kidlit411 also has suggestions for finding a writing group: I think Kidlit411 and SubItClub both have a second Facebook group for finding critique swap partners. Other options for finding critique/writing groups include 12X12 and Storyteller Academy if you are interested in taking courses &/paying for memberships.

  • I've tried, that's a solid and trusted writing critique community. That's an opportunity to get an objective feedback about your works and focus on the main points. But for the improvement of the skills, there are also numerous resources for the authors. At the college, I often shared my writings on the Writing Cheap website. I don't know about nowadays but at that time there were very good conditions for the freelancers, who help students with their essays and assignments.

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