Neverending Journey to Eldritch Horror!

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    @hubertspala These are great creatures. I love the detail and the great color choices too. My son would really appreciate these too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @eli Oh gosh, thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed my Inktober doodles, really ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you most kindly. I know they are not very, hm, child-friendly, but I have a 11 years old brother, and despite the young age he really digs the creepy monsters.

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    Ghadamon, the Seed of Azathoth

    Little is known about this Great Old One. The title itself betray its origin, a spawn of the Demon Sultan itself, the blue and grey shapeless horror with malformed and misshapen head, with body full of holes, its form oozing some viscous slime. It was called an End of Mankind, but its ploy and purpose is shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. And those who lay their gaze at its form goes surely mad, and so any description we have are a jumbled mess of destroyed sanities.

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    @hubertspala Well, my son is 23 years old ๐Ÿ™‚ He is also an artist and when he was young always drew creatures ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll have to show him yours.

  • SVS OG

    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I showed your creatures to my son. He said the line work and coloring remind him a lot of Bill Watterson. He was wondering if he has been an influence on your work at any point. (He likes them by the way ).

  • Fabulous work so far! As a big fan of all things Lovecraft I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Just saying hello for the moment but will come back when I have a moment to give you a solid critique.

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    Apocolothoth, the Moon-God

    Little to nothing is known about the mysterious lunar entity. It is most likely a Great Old One, and possibly trapped to the dark side of the moon by an unknown means. Who and how entrapped the god and how long ago in the aeons past we would need to delve, is also an enigma. That is, even if the notion of its binding is true. For all we know, it can just hide there, bide its time, waiting for an event or a call to unravel for its emerging to occur. And one old myth of the Oshagi tribe of the deep desert tell us of a lonely good, ululating on the moon, its sounds causing our oceans to stir, to rise and fall in the tides we know...

  • The time has finally arrived for me to put action into reality, to proverbially put the money where my mouth is, and start working well and hard on the Mythos Monstronomicon atlas project. Just in case that you read about it for the first time, it is a personal project of mine that Iโ€™d wish to finish this year. Why? Because I really want to have something done entirely by me. To prove myself that I can deliver, to check how productive and tenacious I can be. For what? Because drawing monsters, aliens and twisted, grotesque beings is what I love and what brings me plenty of joy. And of course Iโ€™ve got inspired by a great book I read last year and decided to make one of my own, with my spin and theme I enjoy!

    So, enough introduction, time to get to the core of my work. Below I present to you my very first page spread layout prototype with actual story bits (without any editor looking through it, nor correction of any sort โ€“ literally first draft at the idea).

    alt text

    Letโ€™s break it down then. Of course on top we get the name of our being paired with its number in the Atlas and the title that most of such being is given. Below there are two informational brackets. ORIGIN is all about our real life anchor of the being first appearance and its author. DATA: Display the being category (Outer God, Mythological God, Great Old One, Unknown, Elemental Force etc.) and the location in which the being is lastly known to be found at. Below the line there are tiny flash stories divided into points that might or might not build a cohesive narration, as they are just journal notes of our explorative and curious expeditioner into the unknown realities, beyond our vision. Here youโ€™ll find little folk tales about the creatures, statements of the broken people who claim to encounter them, other evidence or flimsy proof of their existence and so on.

    And of course on the right side of the spread there will be the illustration (all traditional art, Inks and Watercolours) of our glorious entity in its imagined visual description.
    So how do you like it? I am sincerely looking for feedback, and just to make it easier for you to give it to me, here are a couple of more detailed questions:

    • Is the layout clean and have good readability?
    • Do you think a textured background is fine?
    • Is there any bit of information youโ€™d like to be added to the info about the being?
    • In what order the 52 beings should be filed? Alphabetically? By order of power in the lore? Other?
    • Should I perhaps make a separate blog / FB page about the project, so itโ€™s easy for the interested people to track the progress, communicate their wishes and give ongoing feedback?

  • This looks really cool! I love the idea and the art is great.

    Some personal feedback: I would add some drop shadow to the monster or find a way for it not being "floating" on the page (Like you did on Ghadamon). I would also love to see some extra info/classification on the bottom of the text page. You could come up with some colors or tags for order of power, creature class, enviroment, rarity, threat level, population, etc. These are just examples, but you could surely figure out some extra info that fits the lore. Check the wikipedia to see how they classify animal species, it might give you some ideas.

    Overall it looks like a great project. Can't wait to see more, keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Orgosmhurs are strange beings that resides on the peaks of the Sea if Cains many hills. Each hill a grave to some ancient king or warrior of valor might now be more than a place for ghouls and ghasts, but a home to this wanderers from the different plane, sitting unmoved upon the hilltop, strange, sweet scented mist surrounding them, as well as a curious sensation of a distant whispering. Despite their grotesque forms, they seem lulled and calm, never harassing the brave adventurers who dare to cross the vast graveyard... That is, until some misbegotten soul raise a weapon against it. It might be true, it might be not, for if anyone indeed tried to attack the otherworldly beings, none claimed it to be so. Perhaps because no one survived such an attempt. Or perhaps no one tried. Yet.

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