Combining Spheres with Cubes

  • Hello,
    could someone show me how to combine the lower sphere with the cube.
    Top one no problem, but the lower one, i just cant figure it out!

    Thank you in advance,

    0_1512732154223_spheres and cubes.JPG

  • Maybe like this? Is this "correct"?


    0_1512734603488_spheres 2.JPG

    0_1512734614250_spheres 3.JPG

  • @fritz Hi, it doesn't look right. Imagine that you have an apple and you need to connect it to a box. How would you slice it, so there is no space between apple and the box? In you connections there is a lot of spaces. Good luck! 🙂

  • Hej thx for your answer 🙂 well that's what I can't imagine. Do you mean on the bottom line make the circle rounder? A quick sketch would be much appreciated 🙂

  • @aska and I think on my very last image it looks quite right, I just have to work on the roundness?!

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    You have to visualize the place where the sphere meets the surface of the cube: this is always going to be an ellipse or a section of ellipse - small sketch below. The "V-shaped" indentation that you see when the sphere strides one of the corners can only be at the corner itself - yours is not in the right place. It helps to draw a raster on the faces of the cube to help visualize the surface in your mind. I would also try to draw more precisely in general - your cubes are not very "cubic" ;-). That makes visualizing the intersection even more difficult.
    These exercises are always interesting and really help with drawing!


  • Oh wow thank you, so i will have a look 🙂

  • Hej smceccarelli,
    i just did a quick resketch of your sketch to get a visual feel. Thank you so much.
    I know my cubes are not so cubic, and my circles are not superround.
    I almost broke apart of my perfectionism so i decided just to let go and draw more losely. I want to improve, but at the same time i have to be careful not to be too hard to myself. But i'm drawing every day because its fun to me.

    So here is my resketch. I will work on the details now. I really wanna master the art of drawing. I'm very thankful therefor that you made this quick sketch for me.
    This is the answer i was looking for. Now it makes totally sense.
    And your artwork is amazing by the way!

    Have a nice evening,

    P. S. it could be, that i'll have more questions about combining shapes of different kind 😉

    0_1512756488993_Spheres 4.jpg

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    Happy to help - and these exercises are good for me too!

  • @fritz sorry, I was busy with kids earlier, but maybe thats better cause @smceccarelli is a drawing gem 😉

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