Santa Poppins WIP

  • In way over my head here as I try out my early Xmas present IPad Pro and various blend layers in Sketchbook Pro!
    Santa Poppins. Critiques always welcome 0_1512666480254_3B1FF5AD-7FB6-476B-AACE-72271DF3015A.png

  • Santa tries out a chariot as reindeer call it quits0_1513005296335_54D3AA9F-F351-49B1-96D5-81B0CD70F923.png

  • @missmushy Cute! I would make the top of the umbrella a little rounder and the far side of the jacket (santa's left side) a bit shorter. Also, it looks a little like the boots are on the ground because they are otouching the building below. Maybe just move that building so his feet look airborne. Love the way you did the reflection on the belt and the "hairyness" of the beard, etc.

    On the lower one, those wheels and the cart are off. I always have trouble with perspective but, I think there are others who could give you some better tips on that. You might like to look at the video on perspective drawing and use some box-like frames to help you put things right. I never would have thought of a giant beetle pulling a chariot with Santa in it 🙂 Very original and creative idea I've always thought it would be fun to give a picture like this to a kid and have them make up a story about it or, even an adult writer 🙂

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen thanks a lot for the feedback! I see what you mean about the building - will definitely fix . Yes I struggle with perspective as is clear my various attempts - still working on it via practice. Was trying to give impression that chariot was speeding around the curve and was slightly off balance but then couldn’t quite figure out how to manoeuvre the bug to give the same impression.
    The struggle is real! Lol
    Really appreciate you taking the time to critique!

  • This alternative transport for Santa has become a weird nightly challenge for some reason so....
    Santa ‘borrows’ a tricycle as reindeer continue their rebellion! This one is way too complicated for my skill level.


  • @missmushy The struggle is real for me too 🙂