Slowvember project - whoops, TOO slow!

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    For my Slowvember project, I decided to expand on one of my Inktober drawings and create a character. I chose my sketch for the Inktober prompt "juicy" which is a horse eating way too many apples under a tree. I added a little story:

    "Ginger Gold had been told not to eat the black apples of Ghostberry Hill, but what was the harm in eating one or nine? They were so juicy and delicious!"

    I started asking myself questions. What's Ginger Gold's personality? What happens when she eats the apples? Why did she come to this place and ignore the warnings? What the heck are ghostberries? So while building my character's persona, I started weaving an entire story around this blurb I wrote on a whim. I probably went a little too far down the rabbit hole for a one-month project, but that's okay. I'd like to keep working on this and expand it into a middle-grade graphic novel!

    So most of my Slowvember work turned out to be writing - world-building, plots and character development. It's been kinda fun knowing the end of the story and planning how the journey will go. I should've made a goal to paint the book cover or something, but now there aren't enough days left.

    So here are a few of my sketches as I tried to hammer out Ginger Gold's look. And some of the answers I came up with:


    Story Overview
    1. What is the story about?

    • An amputee gets her groove back

    2. What makes the story interesting?

    • Main character is a horse who gains elemental magic.

    3. What are the important details?

    • Ginger Gold is learning to walk on her new mechanical leg. When she eats all the black apples on Ghostberry Hill, the tree reverts to its original form, a black unicorn. Astrolomina Plum's memories and magic have been eaten by Ginger Gold, so she does not remember why she was a tree. They try to solve the mystery of Mina's past while Ginger Gold learns how to use her new, untamed magic. While they play detective, something sinister is slowly waking up.

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