Slowvember WIP - critiques welcome

  • I'm slowing down on this piece, so I think that means it's almost done. But I welcome any comments to make it better 🙂


  • SVS OG

    It’s beautiful. It reminds me of Barbara Cooney’s Work.

  • @demotlj Hah! Thank you - it's actually my spin on Miss Rumphius (my favorite children's book).

  • just a few small thing I see:

    • back tire is too big. I understand you might be going for perspective, but at the distance the viewer is away, the tire would not be that large, and it should be
      lower than the front, since it is lower on the hill.
    • should there be water under the bridge? Looks like you have lines for a creek
    • the small curved "opening" in the tree at the right is distracting and pulls you out of the image.
    • lastly, the sky is a little flat. I think I see a slight gradient as of a sunset, maybe (?), but that needs to be played up and made more obvious.

  • @tombarrettillo Thanks so much!

  • I like your illustration! The seeds blowing through the air is a great image, I like how the girl's hair shows the same motion. I also like the bunnies watching her. Your illustration shows depth by progressively lightening and softening the colors. I think that was done really well.

    I agree with previous comments about the tree gap on the far right.

    I also think that the leaves on the closest tree need to have some darker shades like the trunk and grass below it.

    Lastly the first hill ends right at the fence post, and I think it should extend a little beyond the post. Only because it seems strange on inspection.

    Great work!

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