Illustration feedback, please...

  • Hi everyone! I would really appreciate any feedback and opinions you could give me on this piece. At the time I had finished it I felt really good about it, but I put it away for a bit to come back with fresh eyes and something just feels... off. I'm not sure, but I would really love to hear anyone's thoughts. Thank you!


  • Hi, Lindsey!
    What I really like about your piece is the facial expressions, even the pics on the wall seem to be involved. 🙂
    But I don't think that I can read the story right. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
    I little detail, what jumped first to me, is the fried egg. Is it right that it fell from the egg box? But then it shouldn't look like fried, or? 🙂

  • hello lindsey
    I find that the window just behind the characters and the objects take the attention away from them: they are not clearly outlined, as they should be
    the plain colour on the wall as well and the fact that there is no perspective, it's just one straight wall: it makes your whole illustration a bit flat to my liking
    I think you could definitely start working on that, move the window somewhere else and you will see clearer already! 🙂

  • Sorry this reply is so late! I was unexpectedly busy these past two days... Anyways!

    Thank you. The story isn't anything too exciting, just a young boy and his witchy sister getting ready to cook something up and carrying the ingredients and spellbooks needed for the 'dish'. I didn't even realize that when I drew the egg that it already looked fried up... Thank you for pointing it out! I'll have to goop it up... or find someway to show some magic was involved.

    You're right. Thank you. I will admit that my weaknesses lie in enviroments and backgrounds... I was at a bit of a lose for this one... I'll work on moving that window, though i might just change where they are in the house all together.

    Thank you both for your replies!

  • I also love the facial expressions and the pictures interacting with the scene. Environments is one of my weaknesses too. The Mastering Perspective and Creative Environment Design classes really helped me. I'm still not proficient at drawing environments, but I'm getting better. I did wonder why they are walking through the living room so I like your idea to change where they are in the house. Perhaps the kitchen? The objects could be flying out of the cupboards and fridge. It's a very cute idea! Can't wait to see your changes!

  • Hi Lindsey,

    I love characters and the story line going on here! The way you did the magic is refreshing to me, compared to floating items being encased in color.

    The only thing I'd say is that the background is really square on, and seems to take away from the dynamic a little. If you weren't going to change the angles maybe just add some good shading on the wall to focus the eye a little more and add contrast.

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