Little sparrows

  • Hi, everyone!
    Today I want to show you three pieces which I did in a kind of postcard format. One of it is still in progress. They mimic somehow a papercraft style. In all pieces there are three sparrows, the guy with the cap is Francois. 🙂 He was the first one, who was born in my mind. But then also the other two showed up. I want them to talk mostly with their eyes and body language. Any feedback or ideas?
    Spatzen - Oh oh - Paper Cut-LR.jpg
    Spatzen - Ballett - Paper Cut-LR.jpg
    Spatzen - Live your dreams_Maler - Paper Cut-LR.jpg

  • SVS OG

    These are REALLY cute. I really like what you have going on here.

    Is the grid in the top images supposed to be a net or a wire fence? If the latter, I have a hard time believing they could bend it that much. If the former, why are they climbing on it? I guess I just don't quite understand what is going on or what the location is in that first one.

    I feel like there should be some sort of support to the bar they are sitting on in the second.

    I love the third! Maybe as an artist I just think its the most fun. I would move both the artist and the other two a little bit closer to the center though--I know you should stand far from your subject when drawing, but the middle just feels a bit empty to me.

    Those are just my gut reactions. Overall, great work, I really like your designs here.

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