WIP help

  • Hi all,
    Been working on this illustration for a while, and am about ready to ink and paint it. However, I would appreciate one last look by anyone willing to offer any feedback. One question I have is: should the characters be closer to the viewer? I have no issue in flipping the whole thing if it makes for a better composition.
    Any other critique welcome.


  • Overall this looks good the only thing I noticed is the angle the stairs are sitting at seems off

  • SVS OG

    This is shaping up nicely. I think the characters are fine where they are so long as you make sure the contrast and saturation on them make them the focal point if that's your goal. I agree with the above comment about the stairs. To me it looks like they need to be pushed back to line up with the entrance.

    Lastly, I think adding something big and close on the lower left, and maybe even overlapping the machine some, would make the image even more dynamic as if we're peeking over random shop items or tools, like we are in the adventure with the kids and they were caught but we were not. Now I want to see what happens next!

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