WIP need some input on this one

  • I am currently working on the little girl, but next want to tackle the road she is walking on. This is one of my weaker areas, and was wondering how any of you go about illustrating ground. Any videos or blog posts on the topic would be greatly appreciated. Or any sort of thoughts on how you would go about it.

    Thanks everyone.


  • @eric-castleman Just me personally, I would add some texture (cracks, pebbles, etc) right under her and have the level of detail fade as it gets further from her. I think that would "ground" her without getting too crowded. Also, and this may be something you haven't got to yet, I think the lower left side is too dark. I think if it matched the color tone in the lower right hand it would work better. Very nice overall!

  • @eric-castleman Texture is so awesome in this one. I'd say start with abstract shapes for the ground, not getting too caught up in perfection. More detail around the girl's feet, but as Tyler said fade it as it gets farther from the light source.

  • @eric-castleman I love your colors and the mood on this one - here's my input - you keep getting better! 🙂0_1510015196675_3546456546.jpg

  • Thanks everyone for your input. I love what you all had to say.

    @Will-Terry thank you for the draw over. Right when I saw it, I knew you had nailed it. Now, here is my attempt so far at taking your critique into consideration. I am still going to darken the owl up a bit more, and take more light away from the area he is in. The leafs on the ground are definitely a challenge for me. Also, thank you for the wonderful compliment. I am glad my progress is noticeable. SVS has helped me out so much.


  • @eric-castleman Great image! Love when Will critques! I tried moving the eyes downward a bit, so she
    is looking at the firefly. Hope this helps.


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