Hey everyone!

  • Hey everyone!

    My name's Jessica Brannan and am just getting started with a few SVS courses. Poking around through the forums and the classes and super excited to get started and meet all of you. 😃 I just started yesterday, so I'm sorry my profile's not quite up to snuff.

    I specialize in illustration and graphic design, but don't know what direction I want to head in yet with that. I'm looking at making my own comics right now, but also have been obsessed with what goes into making an animated film since I saw my first animated movie. Been doing a bit of soul searching and figured I'd just take a season to up my skills while I'm trying to figure it all out. Maybe something will jump out at me.

    And of course, I have to mention my little trouble maker (ie. cat). His name is Scout and he's going to be 2 in March! If there's one thing that I like to talk more about than art, it would be about him. xD

    Well, I think that's plenty about me, what's a fun fact about you guys? Do you know what artistic direction you want to head in? Do you have any little trouble makers in your life?

  • @jbrannan Hi, I have two double trouble makers, but they are in more manageable age now 6 and 10 🙂 Apart from that I am amateur who used to be a finance analyst and I am just trying to learn something here 🙂

  • Welcome Jessica, glad to have you!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jbrannan welcome to the forums!

  • @aska lol they really are the best! And that's so cool that you used to be a finance analyst! I'm no good with numbers and math myself... I always appreciate those who are. And there's definitely a lot of new things to learn here. So glad to just jump right in! 😃

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