Cheers! I'm new here.

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    Hi, I'm Carrie Copa and I'm a freelance web designer/developer. I've been watching SVS videos for about 3 months. I recently started popping into the forum.

    When I was a kid, I would be glued to the TV whenever they had a segment on the behind-the-scenes of animated films. I was enchanted by the storyboards. I had talent for drawing adorable animals. I even have a college degree in animation. Animation studios are scarce in North Dakota, so I used my graphic design skills with advertising agencies (remember Flash ads? Yeah, I animated those) and eventually taught myself website coding so I could be my own boss. I'm an ancient 35 now and recently rekindled the joy I get from drawing, so I decided to level up my game. I've learned so much even in this short time through SVS. The Inktober challenge is helping me find a consistent style of my own and create tons of ideas I can flesh out later.

    I want to tell a story with my drawings, show my characters having adventures and sweet moments together. I set a goal for myself to illustrate a kid's chapter book. I have a cute style that would be perfect for someone. It's nice to meet you all!

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    Hi Carrie!

    Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing your awesome work 😃

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    Here's a sampling of my work - my favorite Inktober drawings!


  • Hello Carrie Lovely work welcome to SVS

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    @carriecopa welcome to the forums I am also a web designer/developer. But if you are ancient at 35 I must be in the grave at 40 LOL. I also took animation in college till I overheard my instructors talking about how much money could be made in web design.

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    @chip-valecek ha, I just felt too old at first to start trying for a career in illustration but SVS has inspired me. Sounds like others don't start putting out great work until they're older anyway, so it's not too late for me! Just got to work hard and find a balance between family, websites and illustrations.

  • Welcome! I am ancient plus 😉 your work is cute indeed

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    @carriecopa you sound just like me, however I am not looking to switch careers over to illustration, i just do it as my hobby and if I land a paying gig with it, its all the better. My balanced life works out to getting the kids off to school, working till they come home from school, run them around like a chicken with its head cut off. Get them in bed, get my art on 🙂

  • Welcome Carrie!

  • Hi Carrie. Welcome to the forum! I like the Inktober drawings you posted.

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