halloween illustration WIP

  • Hi! I am going to do second version of this! I found this a bit confusing so what do you think i should change or add (compositon etc..) Thanks for every feedback ^^

  • Hi Jonas! This is a cool image! It has a kind of old-school illustration style that really works and adds to the creepiness. I am not great at critique, and there are many on this forum FAR better at giving feedback than me. I'll just give you my opinion. I see what you mean about the piece being confusing. It's not unclear, though, it just feels a bit busy. The skeleton and the perspective have such a forlorn, lonely and perhaps quietly menacing feel. That feeling would be strengthened if things were simpler and more stark. Perhaps if you took out some of the plants and birds, that would free things up. I have mixed feelings about the pumpkins. I do like the pops of color on the black and white, but they are a little distracting. If the larger pumpkin were smaller and maybe not right over the figure's head, it might help draw the eye more to the figure. The other two smaller pumpkins are at an awkward angle which makes them feel contrived and I might like them better if they were positioned more upright like the first pumpkin and if they were the same color of orange. It might provide more continuity. Maybe try the piece without the pumpkins and see if it's more powerful. I could see it both ways. Like I said, these are just my thoughts--I am an amateur for sure! (Also--is he carrying a head?! Eek! Ha!)

  • @eli Hi Eli! thanks for feedback! From what you typed I feel like you are good at giving critiques ;). I will try what you said.. it gives sense.. 🙂 and yeah he is - the idea behind it is that he lives in parraler universe - its world of halloween creatures and their halloween is to suit themselfs like people (mask of man, old shoes and i forgot to add scarf).. the pumpkin trees are meant to raise this idea... also.. the head in his hand is parody on pumpkin basket where kids put candies 😉 😃

  • I definitely got that it was his candy basket....then I looked at it again and discovered the truth--ha! Cool parallel universe idea. From what you've typed, I would say definitely keep the pumpkins then, but maybe with those minor changes. As I said, I enjoyed the pops of color on the stark image-- I really like that look...Good luck with the revisions..

  • @eli Thanks! I dont know i you see something in this sketch, but I tried different approach today.. what do you think of it?

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