critiques pls :-)

  • Hi, we have a beautiful autumn in Poland and I go to the woods every day. I've not met a bear yet, but maybe one day ...

    wolfs are not finished yet, but i thought to post them so you can catch any mistakes in anatomy etc

    Thanks a lot for your comments! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I'm no good at giving useful suggestions, but I wanted to say that I like these both. I especially like the expressions on the bears faces! Very cute. Still, wouldn't want to meet a bear in the woods 😲

  • @kat thanks 🙂 Iam also not a good one to critique so you don't have to worry around me

    some more pics

    1_1508594690272_wilki.jpg 0_1508594690272_lisy.jpg

  • @aska love the playful action of the wolves

  • @bichonbistro thank you 🙂 I have used a cool reference of a wolf family. These are my first attempts to draw wild animals. I have never drew a wolf, fox or bear before in my life, so it was not possible without a reference.

  • Hey @aska! First off, I think these are great, I especially love the foxes. The character of the animals really shines through in each of the drawings. Just a minor thing I can see in the wolf image- I think, for me, as they are bunched closely together at fist glance the forms kind of blend together then when you look at the detail you can make them out better. Maybe by adding some shadow/ highlight around the edges like you've done with the bears it might help to define them more and help them really pop? (Hope that makes sense!?) But as I said before I think the character in these is really strong and you get a great sense of them playing together 😃

  • Nice work although I'd add some shadows on the ground under the animals. It's not a big issue with the bears or foxes but the wolves don't look like they're in contact with the ground. I think the bears is my favourite but I like the playful poses of the all the animals!

  • @jallott and @IanS thank you for your advices 🙂 They are spot on! The thing is I was playing with different styles of painting. .. Bears were first, then foxes and then wolves. I got a bit tired once i got to the wolves tho. I am still very fresh and learning, so comments like yours are very valuable for me 🙂

  • Cute! I like that you are doing a series of these. I personally think they would look good a spot illustrations- no background, but maybe a ground plane with some landscape elements like dirt, grass, rocks, etc. I agree with @IanS in that some of them don't look like they are making contact with the ground.

  • @tessw thank you for nice comment Tess 🙂 I think i need to experiment more with painting and then i will come back to this series.

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