October contest WIP

  • Well, since it's ink, it's actually sort of "done" rather than WIP.![0_1508283932496_Pumpkin.jpg](Uploading 100%) But if you see any glaring problems, please let me know so I can re-do and fix. This was ink and and ink wash, which I've never done before.

  • Very nice! 🙂 if i would correct anything then probably the tail. It looks a bit disconnected from the cat

  • Thanks, @aska - I wonder if the problem is the top corner of the tail. It doesn't really look like it's wrapping round the pumpkin as I intended. I'll try adding some lines/fur to the top corner and see if that helps.

  • @Kat, this is great! I'm wondering if inside the pumpkin's mouth should be slightly darker?

  • Thanks, @Elaine-B, I was pondering the mouth and eyes too. I was imagining the pumpkin lit from inside, so maybe a wash, darker on top - try for a gradient. I'll play with that tonight. Thank you!

  • @kat I agree that adding a shadow in the eyes and mouth to show that there is a back side of the pumpkin is a good step. Since you want to convey that a light source is in there you won't have to do anything really dark but some type of gradient would help it look finished. Good piece!