Grim Endings Inktober

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    My theme for a modified inktober is "Grim Endings" stories that have unhappy endings. I will be doing a coloring page every day Monday-Thursday.

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    For day 2, Sleeping Beauty. In an older version of sleeping beauty, Talia is not awoken by a kiss from Prince Charming. Instead a King finds her and is over whelmed by desire for her.... 9 months later the still sleeping princess gives birth to twins. She is awoken by when one of the children manages to suck the cursed flax from her finger. It just gets weirder after that. The Queen finds out about the Kings affair, and tries to have the twins cooked and served to their father. They are saved by the cook, and when the King finds out, he has his wife burned and marries Talia, and they all live happily ever after

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    Day 3: The Fox and the Cat. In this story a cat and fox meet in the woods. The fox proceeds to boast of how cunning and full of tricks he is, while mocking the cat for having only one trick: jumping into a tree to escape being caught by the hounds. "I am a master of a hundred tricks, and have, over and above all, a sackful of cunning!" Meanwhile while he sits boasting a hunter and his hounds approached. The cat leaps into the tree and lives, but the tricky fox is caught by surprise and killed. "Turn out your sack, Mr. Fox! Turn out the sack!"

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    Day 3/31 of #inktober them Grim Endings. This coloring page is inspired by the story of the Ladybug and the Fly. "A lady bird and the fly once lived and kept house together, and they brewed their beer in an eggshell. One day the lady bird fell in and was burnt." The fly starts to scream, which causes the door to creak, which causes the broom to sweep, which causes the stream to run, which causes the fire to burn, which causes the tree to rustle and lose its leaves, which causes the maiden to break her pitcher, which causes the well to overflow… And drown them all.

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