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    It would be nice to learn how to lay out text for a book in indesign or on photoshop. Now that I have a subscription for my 2D design class anyway 🙂 I have been looking online though, and there are some tutorials so....I guess that will be fine. Does anyone have favorite step by step instructions from youtube or anywhere?

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen When i did my book I used indesign for the layout and text. I would create all the work in photoshop and save each spread as a PSD file. Then in indesign I would place the PSD file. That way it keeps it linked. You can go back into photoshop and update the file and when you go back to indesign it will refresh without you having to replace it.

    You can then export the file from indesign in a PDF which most printers will take and print.

  • Hey glad this was brought up! I think this will help me out, too!

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    @chip-valecek Thanks. I will need to watch some videos to remember that. Just learning photo shop 🙂 I think I just foudn a desktop publishing class at teh Commuity College I might take next semester. Last semester to take classes before my husband retires and we it the road!

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