WIP Transportation

  • Well, looks like I might not make it for this month, but I do want to finish this eventually, so I would appreciate any feedback. Story is the kids sneak into the professor's/scientist's building to discover the time machine (transporter) that he has built. The girl is concerned, while the boy is, of course, excited. Not sure on the perspective, and getting things so there is an apparent distance between the kids (who are hiding behind a steel beam) and the machine. Also, I am trying for a steampunk look, but questioning my success with that as well. The professor/scientist looks a bit goof as I had to draw him smaller than I wanted since I am working on letter size paper. The second image is my first drawing of the machine. Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    I'm not sure if it's the look you're going for but the machine looks a bit flat. Maybe it's too thin or that things look like they are on the same plane. I really like the concept.

  • @jon-anderson Thanks, Jon. It does look a bit flat now that you mention that.

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