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    I'm a bit obsessed with Quentin Blake right now. In this short article he describes his drawing process. Even though his art looks spur of the moment he puts a ton of prep work in and re-draws and paints until he gets it right. So inspiring. HOW HE DRAWS

    short video

  • I love his work. Thanks for posting this.

  • Thanks for sharing! I've always loved his work. I remember buying his book "Simpkin" when I was 13 and just staring at the pictures. I like him even more after watching that video. He seems like a cool person. So inspiring.

  • I have always admired his work. If you go to his website, there are more in-depth videos on his process which are definitely worth a watch. I have watched them a few times for the simple fact that I like to see how other artists work. I use his tip on redrawing rather than outright tracing when transferring illustrations to watercolor paper, and it makes a big difference in the result, though, with how involved my style is now, I could not redraw and redraw until I was happy like he mentions in the video. Thanks for sharing.

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    @tombarrettillo I know what you mean about redrawing. Lucky for us we have the option of drawing digital and getting our image put together just right before we go to the light table...of course I still seem to be able to mess up a lot of expensive watercolor paper..lol....

  • i started out a million years ago it seems now and was quite bill tidy influenced (remember him uk people?). As i went along i started to draw tighter and tighter. then i stumbled across quentin blakes book, drawing for the artistically undiscovered. (klutz). I devoured it and remembered just how loose and fun my pictures used to be. I am certainly influenced by blake now, but the most important part was learning that I could loosen up.

  • So cool to get a glimpse into the illustrator's process! I wish i had one of those light boxes ><
    In childhood we were taught a way to trace over papers using a window during daytime, which is slightly less comfortable (and vertical)

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    @photoshopoholic I made my own light table out of a cheap second hand drafting table. I cut the middle out and had a piece of tempered glass cut to fit the top. Then wired a couple lights underneath. They have small light boxes at a lot of craft stores for pretty cheap as well.

  • You dont need to make your own. I have two of these http://amzn.to/2xB8uGJ really cheap fro what they are. Works through two sheets of heavy watercolour paper.though I work from a scaled print then trace through. Thickness of a thin drawing board. Usable in daylight, but best in a darkened room. LED power as well, so a very even light. I have A3

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    Wow, so cool to see. Thanks for posting! It just goes to show that simplicity is deceptive. The simplest things often have the most work behind them.

  • Cool. It can be quite deceiving when looking at long term artists. They make it look so easy, but in reality there is a lot going on when they lay down every single stroke! Thanks for the share, Ill check it out properly at the weekend. 😉

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