Anyone else?

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    So for the past few days I have struggled with thumbnails and a concept for the prompt this month. I finally got a thumbnail and idea I liked, worked on getting the sketch done and last night spent a few hours cleaning it up and getting it ready to paint when I stepped back and said this is total garbage! I won't be happy with this. I was about to put the pen down and rest my heavy eyes when BAM! POW! An idea whacked me like Adam West's Batman. I quickly laid the sketch down and now excited to work on it.

    So the question is has anyone else ever feel like they need to clear the garbage out or unclog the toilet so the good ideas can flow?

  • Oh all the time! I cant tell you how many times I would sketch out the design and hate it before I end up just throwing the entire design away and approaching it with a fresh new sheet of paper. The idea is still there, I just end up approaching it (the pose, composition, etc) almost entirely different from the original concept. Most of the time it works for me!

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