Printing a single comic book?

  • So I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on my comic project (50 pg chapter) and I'd like to get a copy (or 2) printed. I'm not looking to sell or Kickstart a large print run, just something for myself (and maybe my parents.) The comic project is experimental, and I just want a way to "try out" a printed copy. Does anyone have a particular company/service they recommend? It's a black and white comic.

    (I know this is technically more expensive than a bulk printing, but I just want to privately figure out layout and such before attempting anything larger.)

  • If you use Blurb you can order their magazine printing (8.5x11) quality I think it is about $5 per book but there may be a minimum otherwise just try you local printer

  • @missmarck you might want to try createspace. You could also set it to sell through amazon if you publish through them. You can also buy copies yourself. I used them for a project I did before and will more then likely use them again on my future projects.

  • Ka-blam, I think is one I had looked into. Don't know if it's still around or if that's actually what it's called. Google Ka-blam printing and see what pops up

  • Yup, that's what it's called. Just checked. Looks like $2 or $3 each for a 52 page comic in black & white

  • @jasonandroosmith have you ever got a print from them? Curious of the quality of it.

  • @jasonandroosmith I forgot about Ka Blam! That might be a good option!

    @Chip-Valecek I read a couple reviews of Createspace that were pretty negative (for laying out comics.) But it was only two reviews! Was your project a comic, and was the process pretty straight-forward?
    (Also, I have a Ka Blam comic I received from another creator, and the quality is pretty decent! Not as slick or durable as a DC or Marvel comic, but nice images and colors.)

    @rcartwright Blurb certainly looks easy to use 🙂 Thank you!

  • @missmarck It was a childrens book that my son wrote and I illustrated for him. It was sorta of a pain to get everything setup right and the colors correct. I went back and forth on proofs till I got close to what I wanted. Once I was happy with it, ordering was easy and getting paid for copies people buy is even better LOL. That Ka Blam looks pretty good. I look forward to what you end up doing.

  • @chip-valecek I never did pull the trigger on it. Hopefully I'll be doing something soon