g'day im Ryan

  • i though i better do this intro thing, my name is Ryan Sutherland, im from the small country town of Albury in Australia. i enjoy riding around in kangaroo pouches, wrestling crocodiles and snakes and throwing a few shrimp on the barbie. naaaaa none of that happens, and we call them prawns,
    truthfully i just love to hide in my office and draw. over the past few years my direction as an artist has changed multiple times, from wanting to be a tattoo artist to tshirt designing than gallery artist, no of which i stuck to, as the motivation was almost always $$$ or pressure from other people.
    as soon as i stopped worrying about those two things i remembered my childhood love of picture books.
    let the journey begin. glad to be apart of this growing community.
    as soon as i get paid from my last commission im going subscribe for a year and start devouring every course on svs. yum yum.

  • SVS OG

    Hahaha, I want to come down there some day and ride around in pouches with you.

    So happy to have you here, and excited for your journey in illustration!

  • @Jake-Parker you are always welcome down under mate. tho i feel in reality it would be closer to that episode of the Simpsons when bart and homer try to get into a roo pouch. haha gross

  • SVS OG

    @ryan-sutheland that was one of the best simpsons episodes.

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