Critique sessions

  • Hi everybody! I'm new here and after watching few video courses I saw that there were some critique sessions going on in the past. Are they something that is taking place on a regular basis?
    If yes how do I sing up for one?

  • SVS OG

    The critiques go along with the live classes but there are critiques from Third Thursdays you can watch. A few are chosen for critique. I don't know that you can have your own work critiqued unless chosen for the Third Thursday but you can benefit from watching. I think there are archived critiques you can also watch. Someone
    will correct me if I'm wrong.

  • @martad Hi Marta - I'm getting ready to roll out another critique session in the next few weeks. The summer got away from me and so I'll be announcing it soon. Make sure you're signed up on our facebook page and on our email list to get the most current info so you can get in before it sells out.

  • Thanks so much for your answers! I've already watched all Third Thursdays and other critique videos available here. They are great and I learn a lot just from watching other people's work being improved and talked about.

    Thanks Will! I'm looking forward to that! Does it really sells so quickly?? By the way the link to SVSlearn facebook page doesn't work. It says that it is broken.

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