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  • Hello everyone! I'm working on an illustration and I'm having some doubts with the composition. The drawing is still in the refined sketch phase, but I wanted to work things out first before moving to the final illustration.


    The main issue I have is, if I add the moon on top, is it too distracting as it creates contrast with the sky and the cross? At the same time I feel it creates a path between the moon, the light from the grave and the light from the character.

    The other issue is adding the fence in the foreground, I think it creates some depth while adding some contrast to the main character. But at the same time it may be too intrusive?

  • SVS OG

    I would flip the fence to the left side, and put the moon in the upper right corner.

  • @stringfellowart Nice! Thank you

  • I reworked it (a lot) and I came up with this:

    I feel a lot better with this one

  • @javier-algarra is the crow a major point of the story? its quite eye catching in it's current position. Also the branch seems to be pointing towards the church, whilst the fence is pointing towards the girl, so I can't decide on where my eyes want to go.

    I think if you put the gravestone in the foreground like Stringfellow did then that would help somewhat. It also looks like you want to put quite a strong light facing the character, is she holdig a lamp? I would have her be more silhouetted using a backlight from the church

  • @gary-wilkinson Tanks! I changed her lighting a bit, yes, she's holding a lamp. I did'nt want to put another gravestone, since I thought it would be a little repetitive, also I think the fence works better at pointing at the scene. I changed the value of the crow a little, since as you said it was sticking out


  • Hi everyone, I continued with this drawing and I wanted to know what you think of it before moving to the final stages. Thanks!



  • I think it's looking great, but I do wonder about the cropping. It almost looks like it's cropped from a piece that was originally square or portrait orientation. I find myself wanting to extend it to see her whole body. Maybe it's just me.

  • @tessw Theanks for the reply. Yeah I can see it as a book cover too.

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