GIMP help, portfolio help...HELP! Thanks :-)

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    I have a bunch of images that are possibilities for my portfolio. I figured out how to get them on GIMP but now, I am not sure what size I should make them in order to upload them here as I would like some feedback on what to keep and what to let go. I have quite a few so maybe there si a better way to share them with people who might be interested in helping me glean the best. I have to have this by Sep. 16th, plus finish my dummy with one complete image, etc. I have 3 little trips in between so i would love some help with choosing if anyone has some tiem to look. How many pixels by how many pixels? I'm guessing 300 dpi? And should they be jpg? I have a couple that might be PDF or TIFF. I think I can figure that out with my sons help but, just want to be sure they aren't too big to post here in case I need to. Thanks!

  • For posting on the forums my personal preference is around 800-900 px high for portrait orientation and 1000 px for landscape. 72 dpi is good for posting online.

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    @tessw okay, thanks. I'll give it a try 🙂 Maybe not tonight though....kind of burnt out on this computer stuff for now 🙂

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen 72dpi is best for web. For posting on the forums I agree with @TessW with the images being around 900px width. When i post on facebook I usually keep the image around 1500px and 300dpi cause facebook uses a really crappy compression engine that kills the photos. When I am done working on a piece I tend to save to versions. Then I can post as needed. And of course I always keep the source file at full size for printing.

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    @chip-valecek Thanks Chip. I have a lot to learn! I usually send photos to facebook with my phone so never set anything-don't even know how. It just happens to work and if I download them from there they work here too. I'm hoping that when I take my 2D Design class this fall, I might learn some more of this business of pixels and dpi etc. 🙂 I am still a novice with GIMP so far and I have clipstudio pro-not sure how that works for exporting, etc. either.

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