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  • I would like to sometime in the near future reach out to a specific publisher on twitter. Is that a good way to begin a dialog with a possible client? Any suggestion in regard to first contact?

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    Seems like an odd way, but why not give it a try? I would not expect an answer though. I guess it depends on the publisher.
    I work in PR for a large company, and there is a person responsible for responding to social media - I guess that would be the same for a large publisher, but I expect he/she would respond mainly to readers and buyers - the business relevant audience. If ADs generally do not even respond to direct e-mails (own experience, confirmed by several ADs), I would not expect them to respond to twitter messages....but you never know.

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    @tyson-ranes Will Terry addressed this in a video on his YouTube channel that went along with the last 3rd Thursday. Specifically, I think he recommended tweeting the Art Director specifically and probably no more than once a month if I remember correctly. Here's the link, hope it answers your questions.

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