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    @Will-Terry @Jake-Parker I loved the part of the children's book illustration class when you talked about doing school visits, and you briefly talked about the actives you did with the kids (drawing with them, etc). If you are ever looking for ideas for new youtube videos (probably not enough for a full on class on this) I would love to hear more about the things you do when you are speaking to kids. I've done a few class visits, and I always start out so nervous and intimidated (I'M the adult, right) but I'm getting better.

  • @stringfellowart Great question and this would make a good youtube video - or webinar - I'll put it on my list! Won't happen right away but I'll get it done!

  • @stringfellowart Ohhh, great idea! I've always wondered what goes on at school visits as I haven't done one (yet) myself, nor did an author/illustrator ever come to my classroom when I was a kid.
    Outside of the typical stuff you can assume - like a book reading, signing books, maybe doing a doodle in front of the class...

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    @will-terry thank you!!

  • Earlier this month, we held a book launch party at a children's library for our newest children's book, Frank Stinks. We had about 40 kids, parents, and elementary school teachers in attendance. Since our book is about a wiener dog, we had an edible wiener dog craft, and a visit from the author's dachshund. We also had time for the kids to ask questions about the story and illustrations, as well as time for a read aloud and book signing. Frank Stinks is our 2nd book with author, Nadine Poper. Jess and I also illustrated her book, Wienies in Bikinis.

    Here are some pictures from our book launch party. I am in the pink shirt, and Nadine is wearing the striped Doxie shirt.





    0_1501364687981_FS pg. 9 final.jpg

    1_1501364687981_GS pg.5 final.jpg



    Here is some info about Frank Stinks, and the link on Amazon:

    Frank is a wiener dog who loves to roll in the stinkiest spots in the park. He has a hard time making friends because he is so stinky. A story of friendship and acceptance of others and as well as yourself."Frank+Stinks"

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