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    Not sure if this is a good idea or not, so I'm looking for feedback on the sketch. I was thinking along the lines of "independent thinking" or "independent study". Basically, the kid doesn't numbly stand around listening to the lecture, but goes of exploring instead. I'm not really in love with the idea or how I've drawn, but here it is. I've just scribbled leaves and such around the edges, hopefully you get the idea of what would go there.

    Your comments are most welcome.


  • Love it,his expressive is adorable and I think it fits the theme.

  • Without knowing exactly what the "title" is I'm not sure I'd immediately associate "independent" with this. Since I do know, I can see independence. Either way, this is a good sketch and I'm keen to see it worked up!

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    @kat The kids expression is good, but the kids in back look to be getting yelled at. I would almost change all of them to be looking at something and happy instead of scared or sad.

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    Thanks for the comments! @Chip-Valecek , I didn't even realize their expressions looked like that. I was aiming for bored, but I see what you mean. Maybe the ranger shouldn't be pointing either, looks like scolding. I'll need to rework that a bit. Thanks!

  • @kat Maybe have all the kids huddled around the ranger looking at a book or paper. I would change the worm to a caterpillar or some other critter that would be on the low branch of a tree, and instead of him just looking at it, would be neat of he was holding it, intently studying it.

    if you want boredom, have the kids yawning or rolling their eyes, maybe one playing on his cell phone/tablet.

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    @tombarrettillo, I was originally going to have all the kids on devices! And the bug is going to be a caterpillar, but I guess it doesn't really look like one yet 🙂
    Thank you!

  • @kat I like it so far! Maybe consider putting more distance (or shrubbery) betwee the group and the child. He's not TOO far from the group so he's not TOO independent. Other than that, I think you're headed in the right direction!

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    Thanks, @MissMarck! Good point about their relationship. I did some fiddling around with it before reading your comment and just saw it when I came to post an updated version. But I like the idea of more shrubbery or something between them. That's something to consider before going very much further with it.
    Here's the update - not liking the big eye, though.

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