Book Dummy - Need Some Feedback

  • I started working on a book dummy for my portfolio. I marked out pagination and sketched some layout thumbs. I'd like some feedback on how I marked out the story and the types of illustrations I've chosen for each part of the story before I proceed with the initial layout sketches for each page. Basically, does it read well? Thanks!!

    Here is the story:
    [0_1499217505444_TheFrogPrince_BookDummy.pdf](Uploading 100%)

    And the thumbs:
    [0_1499217465449_ FrogPrince_Dummy_Thumbs.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Hmm... for some reason it keeps telling me that I "don't have enough privileges for this action" when I try to upload the files... any suggestions?

  • Try resizing your images smaller.

  • Ok, maybe this will work. 🙂


    And Thumbs:
    0_1499258036712_ FrogPrince_Dummy_Thumbs.jpg

    Thanks, @Chip-Valecek for the suggestion!