feedback on this piece pls!!!

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    this is my first post. I needed some feedback on this piece i had done.My lighting of scene is bad but am not sure how to improve it. Also , the scene looks different in mobile and my desktop, color wise .It always happens to me . it looks darker on mobile. Please do give some advice . It would be real grateful 🙂
    Thank you 🙂
    0_1498928421724_action pose1.jpg

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    The scene looks dark on my pc as well. Are you using photoshop? You can use a brush set to "linear dodge- add" at about 10-15% opacity to brighten your lights.
    Where is the lighting coming from, an overhead light? It has a spotlight feel to it right now but there are no shadows under the characters. If it's a night scene, consider putting them under a lamppost, add light to the tops of their bodies. Check out people standing under street lights for examples of where the light hits.
    SVS has a few really good videos on lighting your characters and scenes too. 😃

  • @washu thanks a lot!!..okay..i am doing it in photoshop...will try setting them up under a light post..and doing the linear dodge as well...i had used it for the rim light around the you think i should remove that ?...hmm... i ll get a better grasp about the lighting if i place them under a light post.....can you tell which videos you suggest for lighting in SVS ? Once again, thanks a lot for replying 🙂

  • Hi @Divya-S-Kumar. Cool piece so far. I think it could use some cast and occlusion shadows to help make this piece stronger. Can you talk about what your piece is about and what you are trying to achieve with the mood? What is that elephant about to do to the puppy?

  • Hope you don't mind that I did a quick paint over. I thought that you could add a little more contrast with value and color. I would also suggest rendering the elephant and dog in the same way. Right now the elephant has linework and the dog doesn't I would think about keeping them consistent.

    My phone makes my artwork darker as well. As far as what courses I would recommend here on SVS for lighting, the light and shadow course is a good one to start out with.


  • It's a nice start!
    It does look dark to me. Something that I used to do was change the image to black and white, and then check for pure black, pure white, and three distinct shades of gray. That helped me see when my images were too much in the middle/dull area without enough contrast.
    Throw in some bold highlights and you'll see a big difference!

  • @tessw woah..thanks a lot tess !!...the elephant is mafia head and he trying to capture the puppy with the gun..the gun is actually a net throws out net :P...really appreciate the do over!!!!!thank you so much for taking your time!!! :):)...

  • @missmarck ohh okok...i ll try my darks aren't dark right...and there is no strong highlights...hmmm..ok...thanks so much..!!!

  • @tessw i was confused about the cast shadow...thanks so much how showing me your way 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @divya-s-kumar You're welcome. I recommend the Color and Light class by Ty Carter and Lighting for Storytelling with Zac Retz. I also (personally) enjoy the Marco Bucci videos Digital Painting 1&2 classes. Bucci shows how to blend greys with slightly more saturated colors to show bright light and glowing scenes.

  • The elephant is from the mafia, so is he wearing a suit? For me it reads as a robe. Take a look at the puppy's right ear as it appears to be longer than his left ear. What if the net had already launched from the gun, that way we know for sure it's not a bazooka? And maybe the puppy could be actively trying to run away? Thanks for posting your WIP 🙂

  • @washu said in feedback on this piece pls!!!:

    Bucci shows how to blend greys with slightly more saturated colors to show bright light and glowing scenes.

    thanks washu!!! 🙂 will check that out 🙂

  • @smithdraws yeaa...i had the net coming out but later on removed didn't come out well but will try again and see...yeaa..the elephant had a shirt as well..inside but then the gun covered it ...but i could show pants below...and some part of the shirt i guess...true the ears are a bit off...thanks a lot smith...will do a better job next time!!really appreciate your feedback 🙂

  • nice style man

  • @divya-s-kumar There are some really fun things happening in your drawing...just remember that before we can really work on painting and lighting we have to get the drawing working mechanically so we can tell a clear story. Thank you for posting this! 0_1499441677834_45645645SM.jpg

  • @will-terry thank you so much will 🙂 ....didnt expect to get feedback from you...thanks for the valuable points!!!..yaaa..i too wanted the hands of the elephant to fit into the gun but it felt awkward when i did...thanks once again 🙂

  • @linhb thanks you 🙂

  • very cool)

  • @routhledge thank you _/_

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