Pentel Brush Pen Animal Sketchbook

  • Hey 🙂

    This is my first post on SVS. I've been studying with SVS for a year or so now and the Folio Academy stuff with Will before that. I'm loving the community that Will and Jake have managed to build around SVS and everybody's artwork looks incredible.

    Anyway, I wanted to take part in Inktober, so I've been using a Pentel brush pen for the first time and I'm going to fill up a sketchbook with ink drawings to get me in the rhythm for a drawing a day for Inktober.

    I'm finding it pretty difficult getting accuracy with the pen, but I'm really enjoying it, and that's what art's about, right?

    Anyway, here they are.



  • Great results, love the line work.

  • Thanks Steve 🙂

    I'm hoping by October, I'll be used to using a brush again. Digital is so convenient, that other than the sketching I do every day, my traditional skills fall down a well unless I make a conscious effort to keep it up.

    As awesome as Photoshop is, I do love the feel of working traditionally and always seem to feel more connected to traditional work when I do it.

    Thanks again,

  • SVS OG

    Love your critters 🙂 Enjoying it is the most important part to me! I am a fan of "analog" art hehe, and these are just lovely. I like blending traditional art and digital. Inktober sounds like so much fun, good luck! I have a feeling you will do splendidly 🙂

  • Thank you Lynn - the polar bear in your profile picture is stunning.

    This community is awesome - I'm not going to watch the new Dave Malan video 🙂