Is anyone else attending the LA SCBWI summer conference?

  • If so, it seems that my local chapter (if that is what it is called) will be meeting up there, since we are all local, and I was thinking that if anyone else was attending that they could jump in with us.

  • I wish I could go... maybe next year. I just attended my regional Summer Kick-Off Retreat and it was absolutely excellent (and SUPER valuable for me personally), so I can only imagine how beneficial the SCBWI-wide conferences would be.

  • SVS OG

    I wish I was going, I had totally planned on it then realized I am not ready. To justify the time away and the cost I really want to have a portfolio I am proud of. I think I will be ready next year. I am in San Diego so it is not hard to get to, but I definitely want to get everything I can out of it.

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