Art Archaeology session 1

  • I thought I'd share some of my old Illustrations I have with you. There are definitely a lot of things I would change now or try to improve, but the weird thing is I was doing more narrative story based stuff based on my interests and having more fun with it when I had less pressure on myself and was doing it as escapism... I'm hoping I can get back to that feeling again soon and do more story based things.

    One of my first Photoshop Paintings
    0_1498680769375_3pigs early 2004.jpg

    Those leaves were annoying to do. I liked putting faces in everything.

    This was based on a story I wrote and lost.

    I still like this one.

    My emo stage (still in it)

  • Lovely work,your first photoshop painting is amazing love the wolf's expression.

  • @dottyp Thanks 🙂

  • I think it's fantastic that you took so many pieces to completion! Looking back on my artwork from before art school, and even during, I rarely ever "finished" a piece. I think that's super impressive and a truly difficult hurdle for many people. Anything after that is just skill/muscle building and practice.

  • SVS OG

    Beautiful work! I really like the girl sleeping in the woods. Is she using the squirrel as a pillow though? 🙂 That made me grin.

  • @withlinesofink Thank you 🙂 Its still a mystery to me how I did some of those early ones, they took AGES for me to do and after every one of them I'd forgotten how I did it and did the next one slightly differently.

  • @washu Thanks 🙂 Yes she is sleeping on the squirrel. The squirrel is not too happy about it though. I have no idea what this picture is about even to this day, but I'm redesigning the character of the girl and writing a story for her.

  • I may as well continue this thread with what I made a bit later on after these pictures. I hope nobody minds me showing my old stuff. My sister mentioned this picture of Simon the Dwarf (inspired by Tolkien) to me yesterday (one she loves to tease me about).
    I was using Corel Painter for all of these. I had so many problems just using that software let alone drawing anything with it, but it was so expensive I felt I had to stick with it.

    Here is a fairy pin up I did. My brother helped me with the pose.
    0_1500137983378_white background fairy3.jpg

  • Here are some more:

    Red Riding Hood
    0_1500138943060_red riding hood.jpg
    I want to try this theme again at some point. I read the book by Molly Bang about picture composition while I was doing this one, I should redo it really. If anyone wants to do a paint over on it please feel free, I know it has some issues and I haven't really tackled much of this sort of Illustration since doing it if I'm honest. I think my anatomy skills have improved since, and I would try to correct the crazy perspective I guess.

  • It's so fun to see one's progress! I happen to really like the BnW illustration. I have a thing for swirls! Great work!

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