Can I get some feedback for my treehouse illustration?

  • So this month I wanted to enter the treehouse contest. I think what I have so far is pretty good, but before I submit it I want to know what you guys think.


    Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you!

  • Nice soft painting, i like it a lot:-) however, i think foreground on the left looks a bit empty. Also i am not sure of the way right up corner rock looks like (edges are not so nice in comparison to the rest of your work).

  • I like your Island theme you got going on.
    The bright sun is a little bit too powerful for me, my eye is drawn to it rather than the treehouse its self.

  • I really like the color palette on this. Very soft and pretty. I agree with aska and Bob's comments. The bottom left looks a bit empty. Which I understand if it was meant to be open for text in a book. If that was the goal it may be good to see that in context. 🙂

  • Andrew, I just read in your profile that you are 13 year old! OMG! With hard work and focus you could be going places. .

    Things that are working:
    Color - The soft sandy yellows, the pink clouds and green house work well.

    Things I suggest to continue to work on: (Heck we all need to continue to work on)

    • Composition - There is a lot of empty space in the sand on the lower left. Could you zoom in closer to the house and have the person in the ocean smaller in the distance?

    • The wonky window is distracting. Also why did the fisherman leave the door open? Placement of the tree right in front of the door makes me ask why.

    • Outline - everything is outlined except for the footsteps in the sand. (Those foot steps look great by the way) Challenge yourself in the future to work without outlines and see how your art changes!

    So excited to see your art grow! Congrats.

  • @Katrina-Fowler WOW! I was not even painting at that time let alone have an understanding of color. I agree with Katrina, I am excited to see your growth. 🙂

  • @Katrina-Fowler @Joslyn-Schmitt

    Thank you for the kind words and the critiques! I'll try to fix up the illustration.

  • I would enlarge the treehouse and bring it closer to the right foreground, and add some more detail to the house. Make the palm trees more obvious that they are palm trees and not rocks, maybe have a frond or two hanging down. Also, the highlights on the trees needs to fade toward the back, which will give them more shape and dimension. Tone down the sunlight on just the water, and add some ripples in there. Your sky blue is a bit gray for a sunset.

  • SVS OG

    @Bob-Szesnat I agree with you, Bob. It's kind of like having bright headlights coming at you.

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