• I'm Joshua. My story isn't that different from others here. I was one of the artistic kids in grade school through highschool. After a semester of fine art school I transferred to a graphic design school and completed my degree. I did some freelance work but couldn't pay the bills so I ended up in retail then went back to school and completed a degree in physical therapy assisting-which is still my day job. So over the course of a decade I slowly gave up on art. Actually I was mad at art. It had let me down. That's what I used to believe. Although I get to help a lot of people working in a hospital it doesn't fulfill my creative self. Around the time I landed my first therapist job I started following @Will-Terry and believing that maybe it wasn't too late for art. And I also started self studying writing because I'd always considered myself a creative writer (I was even in a writing club in junior high called, Power of the Pen). My son was two years old and maybe reading him picture books triggered some inspiration. So I began work on a picture book of my own and self published it last August. I got a lot of support for my book from friends and family who mostly said, "It's about time." And it's been further validation that twice as many complete strangers as family have purchased my book. So maybe it's time to up my art game for my next project, which brings me to SVS and the forums. I used to believe that art had let me down. Now I know that art requires perseverance. Art was trying to teach me all those years ago. I'm finally paying attention. I look forward to learning along side people who can relate.

  • Welcome to SVS Joshua! Funny how you can never say goodbye to making art. Im curious about that book you made and what other stuff you make. Ill add you on instagram (im dscomicsnl on there).

    Even for people that make art their whole life you will learn a lot here and have fun in the process!

  • @Dennis-Spaans Thanks for the reply. I'll look you up on Instagram also. I'm new there also so not much posted yet but more to come. My book is, Make Way for Princess Cora. I published it through Amazon/Createspace in Kindle and paperback format. I can post a few images in this thread if you're interested. I don't want to be too self promotional here since that's not what we're here for🙂

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @smithdraws Welcome to the forums!

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks!

  • I gave up on art years ago also. I could not afford to pay to finish my Art college courses so I had to get a "proper job".Life circumstances have led me back to art and I wish I had not given up so easily. Congrats on your book and I hope you do well now you are decided and focused on want you want.

  • @DOTTYP Thank you!

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