New image I'm working on, and don't know if I should wholesale borrow the wallpaper print from procreate

  • I feel like this is such a no no, but it really beats drawing out my own pattern, and since the image is a straight view, it seems like it works well, but it just feels wrong to use. What are your thoughts?


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    Maybe it is my legacy in VisDev, but there is nothing wrong with using existing patterns or textures in an image, as long as there is no copyright issue. VisDev artists do it all the time - there are entire libraries of textures and images for artists.
    I think this image (which is very nice and funny!) has some issue with perspective though. The steps cannot be all straight on - one can be straight on (where the horizon is), the others would show either the top or the bottom.

  • @smceccarelli thanks for the response. Yeah, for some reason, I was a bit perplexed by how to handle the perspective on things so close together, and also closer the the viewer. I assumed it would have very little shift, if any at all. Thanks for pointing that out. I will mess around with it a bit.

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    Here's a photo of stairs - might help. What I notice is how the edges angle back on the top of each step, and how the angle changes as the height of each step goes up. Not explaining it well, but hope you get the idea.


  • Great illustration - Very fun and the moment captured definitely illustrates an uh-oh-she's- coming feel, the impending doom...Wonderful!! I do have to say there is a tangent issue with her arm and bracelet. At first glance, not sure why, but I read it as a mailbox - sheesh.....problem could be just me!!! Then I looked again and realized it is her arm with a bracelet.....Again, it could be just me! Something with the way the arm is disconnected from the bracelet, maybe, or the way the bracelet ends at the end of the framed hanging behind it?
    Again, very fun illustration - makes me smile!

  • @Laurie thank you!!!

    When I posted it, I was still working on the arm, so it wasn't connected yet, but good eye 😉

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