Ever Illustrated a Poem?

  • I hadn't until recently - I started one. I got the request to illustrate a poem written in 13 stanzas and the author wanted me to do a full page piece for each stanza. Such a strange poem too! I love it.
    The first stanza:
    "I muse about people and things that I see; it drives me to fantasy. The blue liquesces to exotic shores with hippos and zebras and grebes."
    And the art:
    What do you think? I have 12 more of these things to do!

  • looks very interesting!

  • @Bob-Crum I love how the aninals blend to the rocks and her hair into the water I think its beautiful! Great job

  • SVS OG

    @Bob-Crum Wow! That's beautiful!

  • SVS OG

    @Bob-Crum Nice work looks fantastic

  • Very impressive! Love the feel of the piece! I have 2 suggestions (hope you don't mind). 1) Consider lightening up the value of the city to give it more atmospheric perspective. 2) Consider darkening the foreground rock formations to give it more depth and make it feel like the waterfalls are falling behind the horse rock formation. It looks almost as if the horse formation is on the same plane as the rocks that the waterfall is falling on. I believe you intended the horse to be closer to us?

    Whoa, just noticed there are geese in there! I love paintings that have surprises like that once you take a closer look. Hope you post your other illustrations for this poem. It's a really cool project.

  • Beautiful work,I am sure the poet is really pleased,I was considering doing work for a friends poem myself.

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