Help to draw eyes on round head please

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    Hi everyone.
    I have written a story and am now well into illustrating the pages. I made a ton of dummy books to get things how I imagined. Well, there is one thing that I want to work on that I am not happy with - how the eyes sit on the face. These are my little reindeer that I have been working on. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  • You have to remember you are drawing on a sphere not a flat disk. Anyhting on a sphere wraps around it in perspective.

    Also, eyes are in the head, not on the head.

    You can't beat the old Walter Foster books -

    alt text

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    Judy, these are adorable!

    I can see what you are saying about the eyes. Here's one approach that might be helpful, and that's to think of your reindeer as 3 dimensional objects. This is useful if you are going to want to draw them from different viewpoints and angles, or in different poses.

    Another approach would be a 2d animation style kind of like what they do with My Little Pony. There you have a side view and a front view and you pretty much stick to those two views. It works, but again it's very 2 dimensional.

    From your drawing it looks like you're going for more of a 3 quarter top view. This view is great for creating immersive, tangible illustrations, but it can be tricky if you aren't' comfortable with drawing things in more than two dimensions.

    I've drawn up a guide here that I think might help. Take a look at it, study it and try drawing your reindeer characters from multiple angles. You can straight up copy these drawings if you want to help you get started.

    Good luck!


  • @Jake-Parker This is so helpful for more than just these cute reindeer! I totally put this jpg in my reference/tips folder. Thanks!

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    @jimsz This is brilliant Jimsz. Thanks for the tips!

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    @Jake-Parker Jake thank you for the guide. This is a huge help - especially about how you extrapolate where the features will be on the head. This is definitely going to help me create more consistent characters too. Brilliant!

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