water color or copic marker

  • i wanna learn some color by traditional way, but really wonder which one more convenient
    -COPIC MARKER is really good but they are really expensive 😞 because there are 5 set of 72 color and i have no idea which color i might need or not
    -WATERCOLOR is good but i never use them before, i watched some tutorials of watercolor.
    Watercolor will make my working area messy and kind of hard to use

  • Hi there LInhb Copic markers are to expensive ,try a cheaper brand,Promarker,Spectrum Noir,Pentel black is good and even Sharpies. There is not really much difference in all the brands, they are however hard to blend and I found I wasted a lot of markers and paper before I got the hang of it.( No need to buy marker paper most heavier sketch paper will do.If you have never used traditional before ,perhaps get a inexpensive set of watercolours to try. Koh-i-nor does a round palette for about £5 which I think are excellent and make sure you buy watercolour paper a cheap brand like Simply by Daler Rowney (start with cold pressed paper).I only suggest these cheap options to get started and see if you like watercolour, if you love it you can move onto the more expensive paints and papers ( this will really make a difference to your art)

  • The only way to choose a medium is to work in that medium. I love the look and process of oils but it doesn't work for what I want to do. It's too slow, the turpentine sets off my Asthma, it's too expensive for the way I use paint. Lots of reasons. But I had to go through that process to rule it out as an option. Plenty of people pick up watercolours for the first time and vow never to use them again! I was the same with acrylics. Well, I tried them twice, and both times I threw my paper 😉 What sort of look do you want to achieve in your work? Markers lend themselves really well to graphic styles of art. Watercolours have that quintessentially traditional feel that we've come to expect from children's illustration, but even then, it depends on how they are used. Non-granulating pigments on hot pressed paper can look very graphic when light and shadow is applied, well, graphically! I feel like you're trying to skip the most exciting step in your art journey! This is the fun bit, when you're not really sure of anything, and you're just playing around. I have a set of spectrum Noir pens, and they're really good. Not my "thing" in art, but fun to experiment with. Go have some fun!

  • I agree with @Rapteev that you really have to try! There is no perfect medium, the important thing is to try them all (or at least a few) and find out which one you like and dislike or which one works/doesn't work with your style!

    I started painting in oil (when I was in high school), then acrylics, then watercolor, and eventually I fell in love with soft pastels and use almost exclusively this medium (and digital) but I would never have thought I would like it before actually trying it!

  • thank you guys yeah i should try them out. do u guys recommend me any tutorials for both of them ?

  • @linhb There are a lot of good choices out there for beginners if you know where to look. I say go for this one. It comes with 72 different colors of good cheap markers, giving you the color options that you need for your artwork. I think the selection of color is good and better than what more expensive brands can offer you, so if you are starting and you are looking for more colors to add to your repertoire, this should be a good choice.

  • @linhb I would recommend Winsor & Newton brushmarkers and Ohuhu brushmarkers for affordable beginning alcohol marker choices. And totally agree with Rapteev above!

  • Someone told me watercolors were the hardest to work with so i went with the watercolors. However, I do not think it is that simple because mediums varies based off of each artist and their ability to understand them.

    I'm currently on both watercolors, ink, and alcohol based markers process or in other words mixed medium.

    Hope this helps. Try it out. The water colors are cheaper and will go further. Plus i use rubbing alcohol and markers with with just the rubbing alcohol, dip it in watercolor and bend it to my will. haha

  • SVS OG

    Get a pack of prang watercolors and a pack of copics and see what you like best. Shouldn’t be too expensive. Like 4 copics.

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