New #draw50things critique class

  • Hi Guys! We're going to be announcing the next #draw50things LIVE critique class next week. Just wanting to get an idea of interest? We're thinking of starting it around 1:00PM MST so that our European friends can join in when it's evening over there instead of making them wake up at 4 in the morning. Anyone is welcome to join at 1PM - just wondering how many people would sign up if we ran it that time? Or how many people would sign up if it were at 7PM MST? The dates will be in May - three Tuesdays in a row starting on May 9th - 16th and 23rd. Everything will remain the same as the first time we ran it.

  • I will sign up and any time works for me!

  • @bharris Thank you! if you're not already on the wait list please contact Lisa and ask to be included - there's no commitment but you'll be notified first before we announce to anyone else.
    lisa.faught (at)gmail dot com

  • SVS OG

    I am definitely interested (and being European, would prefer a 1pm MST time) but it depends on how soon I can finish my piece - I'm currently halfway through the final, but I want to re-draw the final sketch and re-start it because I'm just not happy with how it is right now. When would the deadline be for sending in the piece for critique? Assuming maybe 3-4 days earlier, May 5th-ish?

  • @Dulcie Hi Dulcie - would love to have you in there 🙂 ... It would be due May 4th but we don't have to work these all the way up to finish - the purpose of the crit class is to work on them together... I'm not sure of the time yet but have Lisa put you on the wait list so you get the announcement first - you won't have any commitment to be on that list.

  • I've got a wait list going 😀

  • Pro SVS OG

    I would love to join, I would need to create one, I haven't done your challenge yet 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Will-Terry Thank you - if I can submit, say, a new detailed sketch + value study rather than a final polished piece by May 4th, that would be much easier to commit to. Just working on the challenge so far has been really worthwhile (it's made me think very carefully about values and grouping things), so I'm sure it would be a great thing to sign up for!

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