I do things backwards

  • So naturally I replied to a bunch of posts before introducing myself. I'm Daisy, mother of six (seven in August!) I'm a born and raised Yorkshire girl (England, for those of you further afield), and an aspiring children's illustrator. I like crumpets and marmite, magic, I drink tea like it's going out of fashion, and find flip flops unsettling. Art was my thing until I hit 17 and fell into the trap of believing that, in order to be a grown up, I needed a grown up job. I'm now realising that 17-year-old girls make terrible life choices. It's lovely to "meet" you all, and I'm devouring every morsel of information available here.

    The kettle is always on, and the crumpets are aplenty, but bring your own Marmite because I don't share well.

  • Welcome to the forums. I can't wait to see your artwork!

  • Pro SVS OG

    Welcome, what a lovely introduction! And what a daunting task - raising 7 children! Looking forward to seeing your work!

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    Welcome to the forums, its a great place to be. Looking forward to seeing your work.

  • Hello Rapteev (daisy) nice to meet you , hope you have time for art with raising 7 children,I too neglected my art for a full time job and other life choices.Hope to see your art soon!

  • SVS OG

    Hi Daisy, welcome to the forums! My wife loves Marmite too, I don't understand 🙂 This is a wonderful and encouraging place to grow, looking forward to seeing your work, progress and works in progress.

  • Welcome!!! There are a lot of parents on here, and one of the first threads I made was asking for advice on how to be productive while raising kids.

    Anywho, you will love it here.

    P.s I have never had a crumpet.

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    What is marmite?

    I'm trying to learn to illustrate with just one baby, and its tough. I only get random moments to check the forum and an hour or two together here and there to draw 😉 Kudos to you for diving in while raising seven! Glad to have you here 🙂

  • Hi Daisy welcome. I love your introduction 🙂
    4 children here and the struggle is real
    I'll have some crumpets yum. I'll leave you the marmite no problem ^_^

  • @Ben-Migliore Thanks, Ben. I'm still working up the courage to post some 😃

  • @smceccarelli Thanks. The children aren't as much of a task as the mess they leave behind them! 😉

  • @DOTTYP It's so easily done when the majority of people are so discouraging of creative endeavours, I think. Thankfully we saw good sense in the end!

  • @natiwata There are two types of people, after all 😃

  • @Eric-Castleman It can be a struggle, definitely. Thankfully my children are very creative, so I don't have to worry about finding time, just finding space! I sit down to draw and they all descend on my studio and pilfer my art supplies. You should make some crumpets; I promise they will enrich your life. Disclaimer: only to be consumed with lashings of fresh butter, so not the best choice for those concerned with high cholesterol levels!

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Marmite is, when defined, pretty gross-sounding. It's blackish in colour, not entirely dissimilar to treacle, and is a yeast extract. But it's beefy and delicious, and most people hate it. It's tough with a baby, I think. When they're so little, they need so much from you, so it's very much a case of grabbing time when you can. I'd say it starts becoming easier when they're a little more mobile and independent. My three-year-old is much less disruptive to my workflow than my 18-month-old, for example. It's a juggling act, isn't it? Thankfully dad is very hands on and does his fair share, which makes things easier.

  • @audrey-dowling It is, isn't it! I home-educate my rabble, so they're around all day long too. But they're a somewhat independent bunch and I'll see them sporadically throughout the day, as and when they need assistance with a worksheet, or a rogue sibling. You know, I so scarcely have to fight people for my Marmite. It's a mystery to me 😉

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    @Rapteev Thats what I hear, so I'm just holding on til she's older... but we do want some siblings for her, so it'll likely be years before I'm done with baby-management. I luckly also have a very helpful, hands-on, supportive husband, but he works full time so naps are my main get-stuff-done time during the week.

  • @Rapteev Yeah I know what you mean when I was growing up noone encouraged me so I lost my confidence.I was looking for your gallery and could not find it , be sure to post some work soon.

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Yep, my dude works evening shifts, so the kiddies are (mostly) in bed not too long after he leaves. Ideally we're both aiming for self-employment (he's a creative type too), but gotta keep that day-to-day grind going until the magic happens. Sigh. I wish money was no object, 'cause we'd get sooooo much done!

  • @DOTTYP I was encouraged by my mum, but those "starving artist" vibes got to me anyway. I'm trying to get over my fear of posting my stuff. I'm working on a piece now, so I'll endeavour to stick it up for a critique 🙂

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