Illustrating The Frog Prince story

  • Hi The frog prince or the princess and the frog was one of my favorite stories growing up. I remember seeing a beautiful statue of the story at the V and A.

    So I thought a good project would be to illustrated it from start to finish!

    I am starting off with designing the characters and doing character sheets.

    I started with the princess. I wanted to do as many iterations as I could as it was a good excuse to practice more figures and hands!

    I want her not to look too young as she does marry the prince in the end.

    Which one do you like best? Its great to get feedback.
    I might also test out some of the dresses with different heads or hairstyles.
    I am thinking that I might not always have her in the same dress in the book as it covers 3 days it might be nice to have three dresses.

    Some of these I don't really like but thought I might as well include them all as maybe they can be adapted to work!


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    Great job Sarah, thank you for sharing I really like 5 she is sweet but has an intelligent air about her

  • Lovely work my favourite is 8.Great idea too!

  • Thanks for the replies. Think I will work on 5, 8 and 11 a bit more to decide.

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