Fancy Animals card game--finished!

  • This is such a great project. Well done in finishing it. I love the tiger.

  • @smceccarelli said in Fancy Animals card game--finished!:

    Congratulations - and awesome artwork!! Over 30 dollars for a card game is a problem of course - with international shipping closer to 50. I would really consider a kickstarter - you could offer the game for 6 or 8 dollars with shipping and still set the kickstarter goal at the batch production price. As soon as the kickstarter goes over its target, you are making a profit (aka, being paid for all the hours you invested in it!!). I would definitely back it!

    Yeah, it's just not feasible at that price. I "have" to buy copies every once in awhile in order to have prototypes to show people/give people and it hurts the pocket book. I'm still thinking about the KS thing. The main issue, as I see it, is getting the traffic. With SO many KS projects out there you really need to spend money on advertising OR already have an internet audience in order to get funded.

    That said, I might be able to draw a decent crowd through word of mouth if I'm really upfront with everything--I feel like the internet likes that kinda thing. That is, I'd let people know I'm not trying to make a huge profit here (nothing wrong with profit of course!) but I'm just trying to get this game out. Just a guy with a dream kinda thing.
    My idea is to be super transparent and let them know exactly what the game is project to cost, what the shipping will be (that's a nightmare to figure out), what the fulfillment centers will charge for storage (if I go that route), and what I'll make in profit (which will probably be $5 or less per unit).

    If US shipping is $5/unit I'd love to get to $12-15 total (including shipping) to USA with maybe $15 - $20 total for international orders. That way I'd be making about $3/game with a few dollars leeway in case I calculated something wrong or if something gets messed up.

    @bharris Thank you--appreciate it!

    @sarahelliott489 Thanks! The tiger is probably my favorite too. That's the first one I did (for Chris Oatly's Magic Box class)

  • SVS OG

    That is awesome! My son really loves to make games. I'm going to show this to him! He really needs to pursue it..

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen said in Fancy Animals card game--finished!:

    That is awesome! My son really loves to make games. I'm going to show this to him! He really needs to pursue it..

    You should! And Game Crafter is a really good place to get blank (and custom) game components--so let him know about that if he doesn't already.

  • Wow! Beautiful! I'd back a kick starter, too.

  • Oh wow, this is awesome! See, I don't think that price is unreasonable, but maybe that's because I already play a lot of tabletop/card based games, so I'm happy to invest a little more on that basis (usually when the artwork sells it to me 😉 ) I'll be watching out for the gameplay vid!

  • @Rapteev Thanks!

    I agree price is subjective. But a card game like that should probably cost $20 on the high end (though I've seen much higher--I'm waiting for Archeology to come back in print because I'm just interested in paying $40+ for it).
    If I do Kickstart I'll be trying for a max of $15 per game.

    We shall see....

    Forgot to post that I DO have a couple game play vids here:

    It links to an "advanced moves" video as well.

  • @mattramsey This looks so great! Great job finishing as well. Awesome stuff

  • @Tyson-Ranes Thanks man!

  • SVS OG

    @mattramsey Thank you, Matt! I'll let him know 🙂

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