Update to draw50things following critique

  • Hi
    Just wanted to share my updated version of the 50 things challenge after Will Terry's critique.

    This is the original:

    And these where the comments:

    1. Needs some more bigger objects - could make tank bigger and box at the front.
    2. Think about reducing the contrast at the edges away from the focal point
    3. Don't be afraid to cover what you have done and make big changes if something isn't working (I find this hard once I have the values laid down!)
    4. Think about the storytelling in every part of the image. Thinking about what the figure on the left is doing and can it be more interesting than walking.

    These are all great points and things I will remember for next images.

    Another thing I noticed is that because it was a complicated image I spent a long time on it and therefore got bored of the image. Anyone else get this issue and struggle to do the final push that makes the image work and really sort out the detail?
    Think I might have to work on two images separately at different stages to try to help with this.

    So I updated the image based on the feedback and it now looks like this:

    I do like it a lot more now but want to force myself to take it a little bit further so will do some more tweeks.

  • Awesome work! I watched the critique and you did a great job working from your feedback. If you want to take this further, maybe have the dog looks like he is begging for the treat? The way the guy is holding the treat looks like he is holding it back and asking the dog to do some tricks. 🙂

  • Pro SVS OG

    Awesome, great job, thank you so much for sharing

  • SVS OG

    Great rework. And yes, I got really bored with mine and stopped working on it. All that interior work and making sure everything was in perspective became very tedious. But I'll get back to it some day...lol...Kudos on finishing yours and it came out great.

  • @Anthony-Benicki Thanks. That is a good idea. I could have his paw on side of the counter so it looks like he might jump up.

    @imrush Thank you

    @evilrobot Thanks. You should finish yours. I saw the initial stages and it was looking great. I think this is the longest I have spent on a digital piece. Probably around 20 hours so far which when I look at some of the artist I follow is nothing!

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