Thank You Lee White

  • Thanks to Lee White I'm wondering around a jobsite taking pictures of textures (random junk). I'm not sure if people are looking at me crazy because I look like a squirrel who lost his contact lens or because ____________ (fill in the blank)

    Tried to post them for everyone to grab but files are to large. Would be cool to have like a communal texture drop box to share with partners in crime. I have some really cool ones.

  • Hrm... the storage space needed for textures that are intended for print might blow this site up... There has to be another way. OR I guess we could store the actual files on our own web servers and post links to them there?

  • What a great idea Tyson!
    Why don't you set up a free Dropbox account, you get a certain amount of space with that, then share it with the rest of us to add to as well?

  • @DanetteDraws SOuds cool! I am running like crazy though. If i get a wild hair I just might do that. Take care!!

  • Pro SVS OG

    Hallo Everyone! Just wanted to mention that there is a huge, indexed database of textures here:
    It has been created for 3D artists, but obviously the textures can be used for any type of art (and I have used them quite a lot).
    I cannot check right now, but last time I used it you got 15 credits per day free. You could then use them to download textures (middle res was about 3 credits, higher resolutions were up to 5 credits). That was enough for me, I never needed to buy extra credits.
    Of course I also take my camera out to photograph cracks in the pavement and rusty metal....;-)

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    @Tyson-Ranes I love that idea!!!!

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