Writing critique group for Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul?

  • SVS OG

    I have been listening to the Writing Picture Books class and going through Ann Whitford Paul's actual book and doing the assignments there. I wish I could have her available to check all my work but, that might be asking too much 🙂 BUT, I thought that maybe some of us could form a little group where we can share our writing assignments online through google docs and get feedback and/or ask questions on the writing assignments in the book? I am just learning to use Google Docs and love the little highlight and comment feature which is perfect for this kind of thing.

    I am, at the same time, working on my project: Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head and I have gotten some feedback on it but would like to get it in it's best form so I can finish the book. I will be making a dummy for the text soon. I have made changes recently and would love to have some fresh eyes to read it for me.

    I am happy to do the same for others.

    If anyone is interested, maybe we could exchange e-mail addresses?

    Better ideas? (Remember I'm old and less techno savvy 🙂 )

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