Writing critique group for Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul?

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    I have been listening to the Writing Picture Books class and going through Ann Whitford Paul's actual book and doing the assignments there. I wish I could have her available to check all my work but, that might be asking too much 🙂 BUT, I thought that maybe some of us could form a little group where we can share our writing assignments online through google docs and get feedback and/or ask questions on the writing assignments in the book? I am just learning to use Google Docs and love the little highlight and comment feature which is perfect for this kind of thing.

    I am, at the same time, working on my project: Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head and I have gotten some feedback on it but would like to get it in it's best form so I can finish the book. I will be making a dummy for the text soon. I have made changes recently and would love to have some fresh eyes to read it for me.

    I am happy to do the same for others.

    If anyone is interested, maybe we could exchange e-mail addresses?

    Better ideas? (Remember I'm old and less techno savvy 🙂 )

  • MOD: I've banned the spam account that originally was in this post and deleted the original posting.

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    @alexdixon Well, I still have the book but I have slacked off on following it. I would participate if we got more people but, not sure if we will since two years have passed. I kind of forgot I even posted this!

  • I would be willing to throw in. I just went through the class (mostly) and would like to take another manuscript through it.

  • I could be wrong- but I'm pretty sure @alexdixon is just a spammer, trying to promote a writing website. But- it looks like it has sparked some legitimate interest- so maybe the spammer has actually done some good in this situation. :smiling_cat_face_with_open_mouth:

  • @TessaW I think you are right... after rereading the post I would agree @alexdixon looks like a spammer.

    Though I would be interested in walking through the writing exercises if others would want to too...

    Are you interested @TessaW?

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen ,@theprairiefox ,@TessaW , I would be interested in an author-illustrator online critique group if you are. Right now I have an in-person author critique group and online group and trying to form an in-person author-illustrator group also but not sure how it will go yet. My current groups have been more on the writer side than illo side. I have taken "Making picture book magic" by Susanna Leonard Hill" and belong to 12x12challenge.com and some other online forums.

  • Yup. Looks like 'essay kings' is doing some guerrilla marketing 🙂

    I've actually started listening to the course as well! My local critique group has utterly fizzled, but an online one could work.

    I'd be interested in doin' this along with whatever other group run throughs I do 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett can we make private threads on the forums? I would like my work to be only viewable by those participating (mostly for protection). It is pretty easy to lift text...

    Otherwise, we could use google docs and only allow access to those docs to members of the crit group.

    Any thoughts?

  • @theprairiefox @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen @Braden-Hallett I'd also love to be part of this if you figure out how to get something set up. I've had Ann Whitford Paul's book for a while and halfheartedly tried to work through the exercises but I didn't get far with only myself for accountability and motivation!

  • @theprairiefox , I suggest private FB group(for discussing) and a dropbox for loading docs/illo or just sharing google docs with each other. I have another group like this and this works pretty well. We comment on the private FB group that we have loaded a doc for critique and then we go to dropbox to see and critique. I am open to other suggestions also.

  • Will this group be only for going through Ann Whitford Paul's book or for critique group for author/illustrator where we can exchange MS/dummies for critique?

  • I'm interested in this. Whatever form it takes. The SVS course and/or crit group. @Braden-Hallett would discord work for this if we wanted it sort of private?

  • That would be a "maybe" for me. It's something I'm definitely interested in. I don't currently have any dummies in the works- though I do have some ideas on the edge of my mind. Not sure if I could dive in on one yet, but I would be up for offering feedback.

  • This sounds fun I have an idea for a kids book of an old russian fairy tale i loved. But im drawn to doing it as a comic. Although this might be interesting to try.. oof decisions

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    @RG-Spaulding I have a similar fb group and we run it the same way. It works well.

  • @TessaW that would be perfect for going through Ann Whitford Paul's class. It really helps you go from scratch (or just an idea) to an edited manuscript.

    @RG-Spaulding I would prefer to walk through the class instead of an open critique group. That way we can hold each other accountable to something specific. This will provide some structure initially.

    It is an 8-week class, I would suggest we follow that structure (the 9th week was critiques). And we do the homework assigned for each week, it is reviewed the next week.

    I am not sure how other groups have done reviews, we could assign 2 reviewers for each of us each week. Then we can get and provide meaningful feedback with feeling too overwhelmed. We can rotate this as well so throughout the course we are all reviewing each other's work. I am willing to set a schedule once we have members and a start date.


  • @theprairiefox , Do we have to join a class to go through the lessons? Or is it in her book? I have her book "Writing picture books by Ann Whitford Paul" but I have only read it sporadically. I am open to it, but in order to get uninterrupted 8 weeks, I can only do it after the new year since we are in and out of town for the holidays.

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    @RG-Spaulding The lessons are in the book.

  • SVS OG

    I think, if I do it, I would need to draw it out a little more, not a lesson a week because I have a lot of other projects going on. Also, I do have a writing critique group I'm involved with since I posted the query 2 years ago. We are not always really active on it. We kind of post things when we feel like it and have time and then respond. Everyone is very busy. It seems hard to keep a group like this going consistently strong. I got involved with another critique group and we do absolutley nothng on that one. I tried an in person group and it quickly fizzled to nothing. I would like to watch the class again too. I have several unfinished classes I need to work on also. I might want to participate but I might not be able to keep up...we could try though!

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