Art Dump

  • I figured I would start one thread for my art dumps. These will be quick pieces that I do not spend lots of time on but trying different techniques. I did Ren & Stimpy last week, and this week just a cute little creature. 0_1488031872165_renstimpy_sm.jpg

    Baby Creature done last night:


  • @Chip-Valecek cute 🙂 It's a good idea, the art dumps. Keep it up!

  • Tonights dump, done while watching the Oscars. Based on a toy I found laying on the floor.


  • My son is playing as "Chip" in Beauty and the Beast this weekend. I wanted to draw him as the character. Thats why he has glasses on 🙂 0_1490311450217_ryan_as_chip_sm.jpg

  • "I'm not CraZy!"

  • These are really cute and funny,my favourite is Ren and Stimpy (happy,happy joy joy).

  • Hey Chip,

    Great art you've been posting lately. I especially like the last one as I think you've given your work added dimension with the cast shadows. Really well done.

    However, there's something I see you not doing in most of your pieces that flattens them out:

    • Form shadows and light
    • Occlusion shadows

    Form shadows and form light are shadows and light that wrap around the form, they don't just exist on the edges. Here's an image of what I'm talking about:


    Understanding how light and shadow define form directly rlates to having a solid understanding of the shapes you're drawing.

    Those top 3 drawings should have A LOT more volume to them. Instead they feel kind of like paper cutout drawings.

    Occlusion shadows are dark accents that occur where forms come close enough to each other that they crowd out the light. They leave a small dense area of shadow. You crazy guy there should have a lot more of these to define his shape a little more. I've added both form shadows and occlusion shadows to in a paintover below that illustrate this.


    And here's a call out sheet specifically showing what's what.


    Hope that helps. Keep posting! I'm seeing improvement with each post!

  • WOW thanks for the great feedback @Jake-Parker! I am always afraid to go to dark with some of the shadows. This is gold here and will keep for reference and keep working on it.

  • It's been awhile since I posted to my dump. Currently working on a few web design projects and the Tree house contest. But my son drew this piece and then I painted it for him.

  • Had an issue with carpenter bees this year with my deck. I filled the wholes and painted so they wouldn't come back. Today I saw a little bastard flying around and this is what I imagined it was thinking LMAO...


  • @chip-valecek I like your art it makes me smile,awesome!!

  • @chip-valecek Haha! He probably really was thinking that. Really liking his teeth. 🙂

  • Some sort of sea creature? Took a different approach with this one. Going from gray scale and then adding color. Usually I do local color and work from there checking my values.


  • I love how you got the traditional effect on what I assume is digital

  • I think this coloring method is working out for you! It looks great and you've achieved nice subtle color variations.

  • @chip-valecek Really nice and hilarious characters Chip. 🙂

  • @Chip-Valecek Hey, I really like how you are forming some of these wild characters from elements in your life and surroundings, yet, they definitely look imaginary and fun!! Love your concepts and renderings!

  • Thanks everyone! I am finding when I play around and just sketch for fun I get the most response where as the pieces I spend the most time on thinking about do not. Gets one thinking on what they should focus on.

  • @chip-valecek i guess the reason for that is, that when you are playing and dont expect great results, you are simply relaxed. And that is a good state to create great things:) i really like this creature. I think that is one of your coolest creations.

  • @chip-valecek said in Art Dump:

    Thanks everyone! I am finding when I play around and just sketch for fun I get the most response where as the pieces I spend the most time on thinking about do not. Gets one thinking on what they should focus on.

    You know what? I've kind of been hearing this lately as I've been listening to artist's youtube videos. I believe I even heard Will Terry mention it in one of his videos? It does get you thinking though. I don't think it should stop you from doing well thought out pieces however, especially if you plan to take on client work. I personally feel it's good to have a mix of just for fun pieces and more planned pieces. The balance is going to make you a better artist. And until you've put out a lot more pieces, another factor could be at play. . . like you've just happened to choose a more popular subject matter, or you've given the subject a cuter face, etc.