Thank you SVS!

  • Hi all,

    Im Dennis from the Netherlands, and Jason Brubaker linked me to Jason Parker, which linked forward to the SVS site. I joined up a couple of weeks ago, and soaked up a lot of video tutorials. Ive been drawing (plain) comics for over 30 years, and its the first time I add an extra depth into my work using shadows, perspective, textures, even the drawing animals class was so helpfull. So even though the endresult might have some flaws, im pretty happy with the endresult of only 2 weeks of class following (the video version) and this being my first try :).

    So therefore thank you SVS, and mainly Jason Parker and Will Terry of which I followed most classes :)..

    Kind regards,

    alt text

  • Hi Dennis, welcome to the forum!

    Thanks for sharing your artwork 🙂

  • Hi Dennis, Welcome to the forum (I am from the Famous Netherlands to Amsterdam Area). Don't know if there are more dutchies hanging out here. Like your humorous style of illustrating. Have fun hanging around, there's lots to learn.

  • Thanks for the welcome :). Ill be sure to check out more classes and I'm also interested in other people's work, so I'll be snooping around pages ;)..

    Nice to see more Dutchies here lol 🙂

    If anyone is interested:

    Instagram: (all English Comics, Cartoons and tryouts like the picture above)

  • Pro SVS OG

    Hi Dennis welcome to the forum!

  • I live in Belgium, but I'm half Dutchie (mom is from Amsterdam) 🙂

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